Jocelyn has been my massage therapist going on six years now.  I have received massages from other individuals throughout this time and always wished I had gone to Jocelyn instead.  She has a great understanding of the body and movement and her technique range hits every need -- whether it be strong and firm, light and relaxing or even meditative.  Not only is she technically very well qualified but she is a person of strong moral fiber.  Her demeanor is utterly professional yet warm and calming.  On her table, I feel quickly at ease and look forward to her thoughtful and sound advice.

Juliet Ceballos


Jocelyn transcends touch. A massage begins with her presence which is ethereal. I’m not religious nor a spiritual person so my experience with her is tactile, psychological and emotional. She begins with gently laying on of her silken hands which immediately prepares you for what you are about to experience. You fall into a state of total relaxation. Jocelyn has this ability to seek out the tension in your body and then she reaches deep into the essence of who you are and relaxes the muscles, tendons and emotional stresses in your body and mind.  At the end of my first session she gently and affectionately tucked the sheet around my body. It was the most maternal experience in my life and it brought very pleasant and happy tears to my eyes. If you let go with your mind and body Jocelyn will provide a massage that you’ll never forget and you will want to return for her physical and emotional special touch.

Terry Jackson


It's difficult to explain Jocelyn's innate skill.  Simply said, she is powerful at what she does.  Every time I leave her massage table, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  She takes the time to meet with me before each session - inquiring about points of pain and weakness - and always knows how to alleviate any issues.  I have seen massage therapists over the years but she is truly the best I have ever had!

Erica Gluck


Even though before every session she usually checks in to see how I'm feeling in general, I never really have to tell her; it often feels like she just senses what I need the most.  On top of all that, Jocelyn's care is genuine and is truly exceptional.  She's the first massage therapist I recommend to other people and she's honestly the only one I ever call. 

Daniel Johnson


I found Jocelyn to give very thorough and good massages.  Her focus is entirely on the client in a nurturing and relaxing environment.  They are the best massages that I have ever had.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thomas Williams